this is not a fashion blog

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I can’t help it. Here’s the thing. I have vacillating feelings about fashion. I love fashion and design as an art form, but I think it can be dangerous because its easy for society to put too much importance on it. Too much attachment. Too much desire.

That said, I LOVE animals, one of my current favorite trends is that animals are ALL OVER the place. I personally can’t wear rings because I have giant man-hands, also a career that requires me to live in latex gloves, but I do think these are lovely, and FUN!

via @thelittledromstore on IG

via @thelittledromstore on IG

via @hollyleonardson on IG

via @hollyleonardson on IG

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3 thoughts on “this is not a fashion blog

  1. That hedgehog is to-die-for! Love your photography and the whole feel of your blog, very chic. And… I nominated you for the Liebster award!

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